Art, culture and traditions

Andalusia is the richest in its culture and art region in Spain. Its old history and Arabic invasion has left behind a wealth of artistic heritage.

Places as the Alhambra in Granada, old town of Seville, the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Giralda Tower are all worth seeing and World Heritage sites. However, the majority of its small towns and villages also bear witness to the peak of Andalusia‘s artistic heritage over the ages.

The Baroque, Moorish and Renaissance architecture complete a hugely valuable array of heritage, and it can be seen in the most important buildings, fortresses, the castles and monasteries that can be found throughout the region.

The native region of artists as Murillo, Velázquez and Picasso is home to canvasses, sculptures, images, jewellery, and archaeological remains, which can be found in churches, cathedrals, palaces museum and convents. Masterpiece of paintings or a first-rate altarpiece can be found even in the most remote villages.

Andalusia is also famous for its broad varieties of fiestas and regional celebrations, but also its calendar of events is a real encyclopaedia taking into consideration the arts and customs of its people. Wine festivals, harvest festivals, the spring festivals, patron saint‘s day fiestas, fairs, open-air fiestas and pilgrimages are just among some you can experience in Andalusia, all of them demonstrate the finest local crafts, gastronomy, music and religious beliefs.

The season starts with humorous and noisy carnival celebrations. Early spring Easter week emphasizes the most valuable treasures by churches, which is being accompanied by the Passion statues for procession.

The bullfighting has a fundamental importance in Andalusia. In many different bullrings the bullfights are being held for the three quarters of the year, accompanied with the scenery of dancing and traditional Spanish songs played by the guitar. The most authentic expression of Andalusia is its folklore music and famous Flamenco festivals, which in the summer period offer a calendar full of performances that can suit all tastes.

The region is also well known for its leatherwork for shoes, ceramic and pottery, craft and textiles, from shawls to blankets, its artwork in metal and jewellery, not forgetting a whole range of further crafts including work in stone and marble, musical instrument making, furniture making.

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