• Retiring in Spain

 Every year the number of buyers who are considering retiring in Spain is increasing, some of their main concerns include the proximity to good healthcare facilities, and to the beach.

  • Learning Spanish

It is not necessary to know the language in order to be able to communicate in Spain, nevertheless one might experience much more satisfying and far happier experience knowing the language, and being able to interact and integrate with the local Spanish population. For those who are beginners or others who already know some basics of the language and would like to practice or learn the language, there are numerous Spanish classes, courses and language exchange sessions.

  • Understanding the healthcare system

For all EU residents, you are enabled to benefit from Spain’s public healthcare system.

  • Banks and finance

As part of the EU you will be dealing with Euro currency, Spanish banks are simple to use and in most cases they will also accept international credit cards at their ATMs machines.  You can also find branches of international banks in Spain. Most of the banks are closed during siesta for approximately 2 hours daily.

  • Schooling options

There are many very good Spanish and international schools in Marbella. Hence the dilemma you might face is to which one to send your child – to Spanish school (free of charge) where your child will learn fluently the language, or to international school which is a subject of fees.

  • N.I.E. Number

Anyone who is considering to buy a property in Spain or who decides to live in Spain is obliged to obtain a NIE number (número de identificación de extranjero). The process to acquire the card its very simple, but its necessary, as the number will be required for the identification for multiple transactions which you shall probably undertake.

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Leading Property Agents of Spain is an association of top real estate agents with time-tested reputations along the Costa del Sol. All members are professionally qualified real estate agencies and some of the longest established businesses of the coast.


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