With Dream House Real Estate you will find
the best property on the Costa Del Sol

DREAM HOUSE REAL ESTATE has been established in 2014 and is cooperating with Members of LPA – Leading Property Agents of Spain having access to all property listings on the Costa del Sol.  Thanks to a number of property networks of real estate Dream House Real Estate will strive to find the property that will meet all your searching criteria.  Therefore, we will do all the hard work for you, which will save you hours of hard work, as throughout our expertise and knowledge we shall be able to match your searching criteria more rapidly than if you were about to do it on your own. Thus we highly recommend dealing with one agent, which will save you time and embarrassment.

Once you decide to use our searching engines in our website, we would be able to identify your requirements and then match them with properties that would be suitable for you. Such service has no extra charges involved.


All you have to do its simply select us as your primary property finder and we will strive to provide you with an extra level of service and effort in order to find the most suitable property for you. Furthermore, we shall contact other agent on your behalf to find more properties matching your searching criteria, while any other matters shall be dealt via Dream House Real Estate.


If you decide to visit Marbella for a few days, we may collect you from the airport and arrange a hotel reservation on your behalf to save your time and trouble. We believe that it’s the most efficient, easy and practical way of finding the right property for you in Marbella.

If you are interested in that service please send an e-mail to:



We are cooperating with Members of LPA – Leading Property Agents of Spain.


Leading Property Agents of Spain is an association of top real estate agents with time-tested reputations along the Costa del Sol. All members are professionally qualified real estate agencies and some of the longest established businesses of the coast.


Katarzyna Sosnowska

+ 48 607 718 667

NIP: 9241889327, Regon: 365141700


Marta Nowakowska

+ 48 506 791 811

NIP 9730801792, REGON 081239212




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