There are number of SPAs and health centres that offer a variety of treatments and therapies which are mainly based on water.  The demand for such services is constantly increasing, therefore more SPAs are being opened.

This is one of the reasons why people are likely to choose their holiday destination that also offers these services.

Number of SPAs that were established are utilising using natural resources, such as sources of thermal waters that were used way back in history. Therefore, hotels with SPAs are wonderful places where one can find both comfort and excellent relaxation services designed to look after both your mental and physical wellbeing. In order to meet the demand for SPAs and the relaxation treatments it offers, the local hotels have recruited the specialised staff and also have adapted their facilities to offer their guests a full relaxation service.


SPA and health centres in Region

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Leading Property Agents of Spain is an association of top real estate agents with time-tested reputations along the Costa del Sol. All members are professionally qualified real estate agencies and some of the longest established businesses of the coast.


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